Why Did No One Tell South African Motorists They Qualify For These Insurance Savings

What are insurance companies not telling motorists that could result in drivers saving thousands on their car insurance? The advice below could save you thousands.



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You should never feel tied into your existing policy. Car insurance is a short-term insurance. The truth is, that if you have had the same car insurance for more than a year without claiming, you should almost inevitably qualify for a lower car insurance rate

lThe average car loses 20% or more in value each year, so why pay car insurance based on the purchase price? Some insurers will even increase premiums! However, with this revolutionary new car insurance, you'll actually save money every month. 

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Author: Peter Maile 

Friday, May 6, 2022

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Everybody needs car insurance, but nobody likes overpaying every month to get it, but now you can join 1000s of South Africans who are switching. 

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POLL: 67% of South Africans overpay for car insurance every month!


South African motorists are tired of getting a raw deal. 

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